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Drain Cleaning Tips In South Bay Plumber

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Consider Strainers: For kitchen and sink drains, it is better to invest in a strainer that will keep hair, soap, or food particles out of your drains. The risk of clogging in these drains is high, considering they are dealing with all sorts of particles. Though the strainers will become blocked themselves, you can simply clean them out and keep them working.


Boiling Hot Water: Pouring hot water boiled on a pot or tea kettle will prove to be a simple yet effective solution for drain cleaning. It will actually have a lubricating effect on any sources of blockage within the drain, loosening them up and making them much easier to remove.


Throw Grease or Oil in the Trash: Avoid throwing grease or oil down the drain at all costs. It will eventually harden and make passage through the drainage pipe impossible. If you are looking for a safer way to discard any excess grease or oil, store it in a container then drop it in the trash.


Always Use a Plunger: Every home should be equipped with a plunger. If you want a quick solution to any toilet or sink clog, this will be the tool to help bail you out. All it takes is a few quick but strong plunges to fix the situation.

And Always Use a Drain Snake, Too: Drain snakes are appropriately snake-like in form, allowing them to reach smaller areas not possible with a plunger. They also feature a hook on the end to scoop out any materials. Drain snakes can be incredibly effective, but you need to be careful not to puncture the sides of older drainage pipes with them.


Bent Wire Hangers: Perhaps you want to learn more unconventional ways to clean your drains and, in that case, you should definitely consider cleaning your drains with a bent wire hanger. A bent wire hanger will work in a similar fashion to drain snakes. It can fit into smaller places and scoop out any materials. However, be careful to not scratch or damage an older drainage pipe


Use Dish Detergent: Though mainly used for dishes, detergent may also prove to be the perfect way to prevent toilet overflows. A ½ cup of detergent sitting in your toilet bowl for 20 to 30 minutes will work as a lubricant to loosen any source of blockage, and it’s much safer than chemical drain cleaners.

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