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Hidden Leaks In Your Carson Home

By October 2, 2019 No Comments

Not all leaks are obvious and some could be happening without you even knowing about them. Leaks could be running up the cost of your water bill or even causing extensive damage to your home. They could even be hidden underground or somewhere in the walls.


If you suspect a leak, one way you can check is to stop using water in your house. After a couple of hours, check the water meters dial to see if the needle has moved. If it has, then there is a leak somewhere in your house. Call professional plumbers like us at Rodger’s Plumbing to help you find and fix the leak.


We will do a walkthrough of your house and use various methods to try and find the hidden leak in your home, including those that could be hidden underground or in the walls. If a leak is detected, Rodger’s Plumbing will find and fix the leak as quick as possible.

Even if you are not suspicious of a leak in your home, it is a safe measure to stop running water in your house for a couple hours and check the water meter dial to see if there actually is a leak in your home. This could help you save money on your water bill and prevent expensive water damage.


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