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Plumbing Emergencies in Long Beach

By October 2, 2019 No Comments

Plumbing emergencies can quickly add up to serious water damage that destroys your property and places your family’s health at risk.

Maintain the Drains 

Household drains are designed to flush wastewater down so that it can be transported away from your house. Unfortunately, the drainpipes can become clogged if they are not properly maintained. 

Start by making sure that every drain in your house is covered with a screen that blocks large chunks of debris from entering the pipes. You should check these drains periodically, and clear out things such as food and hair that block the flow of water. 

Keep in mind that your toilet also contains a pipe that leads to your drainage system, and an obstruction in this area can lead to water backing up in drains throughout your house. 

Most household plumbing systems can go several years between having them professionally cleaned. However, you may need to arrange for a clean out that prevents major backups if you notice that multiple fixtures are slow to drain throughout your house. 

Watch for Signs of Hidden Leaks

You will usually catch a visible leak before it does much damage, but the pipes can also begin to release water in hidden areas of your house. Keep an eye out for an unusually large water bill because this sometimes indicates that water is being released without your knowledge. 

You should also be wary of any unexplained wet areas on your lawn or unusually green grass because this could indicate a water leak running underground in the pipes that lead to and from your house. 

When you notice signs of a water leak, arrange for a professional plumbing inspection to identify the source. 

Flush the Hot Water Heater

Water heaters build up sediment in the tank that affects its efficiency and can lead to leaks. 

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